Poetry from Reflections of Eve and Her Daughters

Eve’s Psalm of Thanksgiving

By Marsha Newman

Lift up O heart

Thy praise unto the Father!

For the measure of our creation

Is forever joined with the glory of the earth.

Praise unto Thee,

O Father of our souls!

It is for our children

And their children after them

That Thy hand did shape the world

And all that gives delight therein.

For knowledge leads love gently by the hand,

And my heart lifts up in oblation

To so great a plan

Where God can draw nobility

From the soul of man.


Oh how my soul rejoices in the mercy of our God!

What wisdom in the Father to give us choices.

What graciousness to give us freedom

Though darkened paths we have often trod.

And Earth is our choice!

Even after all –

Even though we fall,

And weep, and lament our birth.

Heaven is our home

But Earth the training field

Where sometime, tried and tested,

Will a harvest of young Gods yield!

(This poem is available to share for personal or church purposes with credit given to the author, Marsha Newman.  It is not available for commercial or other uses without written permission from the autor. If you would like permission, contact us and we can assist you.)

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